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Level 2 EV Chargers: The Secret Weapon for Regional Tourism

As electric vehicles (EVs) surge in popularity across Australian cities, a unique opportunity is emerging for regional centres. By strategically investing in Level 2 EV charging infrastructure, these towns can transform into enticing destinations for urban EV drivers, boosting tourism and local economies.

Why Level-2 and not DC Fast Charging? A Strategic Choice for Regional Tourism

While DC fast chargers are essential for highway corridors, they’re not the optimal solution for regional tourism development. Their high installation and operational costs, coupled with limited availability and short charging times, make them more suited to quick top-ups than leisurely exploration. Regional centres focusing solely on DC fast charging risk becoming mere pit stops, missing out on the economic benefits that come with longer stays.

Level 2 chargers, however, are the ideal complement. They offer a more affordable, accessible, and time-friendly charging solution that aligns perfectly with the needs of EV tourists. Think of it this way: DC fast chargers are like grabbing a quick coffee at a highway rest stop, while Level 2 chargers are like enjoying a leisurely meal at a local restaurant. Which experience do you think is more likely to lead to additional spending and a deeper connection with your town?

From Pit Stop to Destination: The Level 2 Advantage

By strategically placing Level 2 chargers in key locations, you can transform your town from a quick charging stop into a sought-after destination. Imagine EV drivers spending hours exploring your main street, visiting local attractions, or enjoying a meal at a nearby restaurant while their car charges conveniently. This extended dwell time translates directly into increased spending and economic activity for your community.

Your Roadmap to EV Tourism Success in Regional Australia

To effectively leverage Level 2 charging, consider implementing a comprehensive EV Tourism strategy:

  • Strategic Charger Placement: Identify high-traffic areas with amenities that appeal to tourists, such as main streets, popular attractions, tourist information centres, and overnight accommodations. Partnering with local businesses to offer charging as an added amenity can also be a mutually beneficial strategy.
  • Effective Promotion: Highlight the availability of Level 2 chargers on your town’s website, social media channels, and tourism materials. Ensure information is easily accessible on platforms like Plugshare and Chargefox. Partner with EV charging networks to ensure seamless access and payment options for drivers, making the experience as user-friendly as possible.
  • Experiential Tourism: Create EV-focused events and packages catering to this growing demographic’s interests. Consider offering guided tours, scenic drives, or exclusive discounts at local businesses to enhance their stay and encourage return visits.
  • Community Collaboration: Engage with local businesses and incentivise them to install Level 2 chargers. Providing grants, reduced permit fees, or co-marketing opportunities can create a robust charging network throughout your town, making it even more attractive to EV tourists.

Level 2 Chargers: A Powerful Marketing Tool for Regional Australian Tourism

Investing in Level 2 chargers is not just about infrastructure; it’s a strategic marketing move. It signals to potential visitors that your town is progressive, sustainable, and ready to welcome the growing number of EV drivers. This can differentiate your region from competitors and attract a new generation of visitors who value environmentally conscious travel.

Overseas examples demonstrate the economic impact of EV Tourism. In the United States, Vermont’s network of Level 2 chargers along scenic Route 100 has reportedly generated over $10 million in economic activity. Similarly, California’s investment in Level 2 infrastructure has reportedly spurred tourism spending and contributed to over $20 million in economic gains.

The Future of Regional Tourism is Electric in Australia

Level 2 EV chargers catalyse economic growth and are a powerful tool for transforming regional centres into thriving destinations. By strategically investing in this infrastructure and embracing the needs of EV drivers, your town can unlock a new wave of tourism, enhance its reputation, and build a sustainable future. The time to act is now.

Curious about how to make your regional centre an EV-friendly destination? We can help you craft a tailored EV charging strategy that aligns with your unique goals and resources. Learn more about our EV Tourism services and how we can help you unlock the full potential EV Tourism can bring.

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