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10 of the Best Accessories for Tesla Model 3 Owners in Australia

There are many Tesla Model 3 accessories available online today. Unfortunately, the majority of them are either not available in Australia or have absurd international shipping rates. So we have decided to round up 10 must-have Model 3 accessories that are either available within Australia or sold by reputable international merchants with reasonable shipping costs.

Console organisers, bumper guards and decorative covers make some of the best accessories. Model 3 owners rave about the sleek design and functional features of the items on this list, so let’s explore these Model 3 accessories in more detail.

The 10 Must-Have Tesla Model 3 Accessories

Front Bonnet ‘Frunk’ Lift Pneumatic Struts

One great feature of the Model 3 is that you can open the frunk hood remotely using the Tesla app. The frunk is a convenient space to store small items at the front of the vehicle. However, the existing frunk hood only opens a crack when you open it remotely. This can be frustrating if you’re carrying large boxes or grocery bags.

The good news is that you can easily replace the gas struts with pneumatic lifts. With the lifts, the frunk hood will open in one smooth motion, allowing you to go totally hands-free. The installation process is quick and easy, requiring only a screwdriver and a little bit of patience.

Centre Console Decoration Wrap Kit

As nice as it is to look at, the Model 3’s shiny centre console can easily get scratched. A console wrap is a simple way to protect your car’s console from keys, coins and anything else that can scratch up the pristine surface. The combination of practicality and appearance makes this wrap kit one of the best accessories Model 3 owners will love.

A console wrap also lets you customize the look of your vehicle. The matte black finish is sleek and understated and has the added benefit of hiding fingerprints. But if you do choose to swap out the console wrap, the process is easy and painless. The vinyl wrap doesn’t leave any residue behind, allowing you to change it up whenever you want a refresh.

Rear Trunk Soundproof Protective Pad

Reduce noise and keep your car insulated with this rear trunk insulation pad. If you’re looking to improve your driving experience, look into these new accessories — Model 3 owners say that they make the vehicle quieter and more comfortable.

This insulation pad reduces the wind noise that gets into the vehicle when driving at high speeds and keeps the car sealed off from dust, rain and outdoor debris. The pad also improves air conditioning by sealing off the car. It’s perfectly cut to fit the Model 3 interior, meaning that you never have to worry about fit. 

All-Weather Floor Mats (RHD)

These heavy-duty latex floor mats keep your floors safe from spills, mud, and dirt. Even with the greatest care, the Model 3’s original carpet interiors will get dirty over time. These mats also make it easy to clean your car’s interior — simply remove the mats and hose them down. Once they dry, they’re as good as new.

These mats are designed to fit perfectly in the Tesla Model 3, meaning that you don’t have to worry about bunching or gapping. The raised edges prevent anything from seeping out onto the floor, and anti-slip backing helps the mats stay in place.

This set comes with front and rear mats that cover the whole car, as well as cup holder mats, to keep your drink in place. Any Tesla owner will find them useful, making them one of the best gifts for Model 3 owners. Oh, yes, and they are the right-hand drive (RHD) versions.

Jack Lift Point Pad Adapters

Jack point adapters are necessary for any Tesla owner. They prevent your vehicle from getting damaged when jacking it. Without adapters, you may damage the car’s battery when raising it to repair a tyre or remove a wheel. Jack lift adapters fit onto the car’s jack points to prevent the jack from slipping and damaging the car’s battery.

It’s a good idea to keep these in your frunk in case you ever need to bring your vehicle in for an emergency repair. Just make sure to remove them once the repair is done! Some owners have suggested getting these in the bright red colour so that you don’t forget to take them off when the repair is complete.

You can also check out our in-depth guide and comparison of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y jack adapters.

Weatherproof Car Cover

This waterproof fabric cover will shield your vehicle from the elements when it’s not in use. This cover is custom-cut to fit a Model 3. It includes mirror pockets and has a spot to accommodate the charging port.

The five-layer fabric is lined with fleece, and the cover has buckled straps to keep it secure. When not in use, it can also be stored in the pouch that is included. Give yourself extra peace of mind and prevent damage to your vehicle by covering it up during harsh weather.

Rear Boot Lip Guard

Prevent damage to the rear bumper of your Model 3 with this stainless steel bumper guard. It protects the car’s bumper from dents and scratches while you’re loading up the trunk.

The stainless steel material is resistant to heat, cold and scratches. This guard can also be used to cover up any existing chips or scratches, making your vehicle look as good as new. This guard is the perfect fit for the Model 3’s rear bumper. To install it, simply stick it on using the included 3M tape.

LED Puddle Door Lights

If you’re looking to jazz up your Tesla, try out some new accessories. Model 3 owners use these puddle lights as a simple addition that packs a major punch.

These lights replace your existing car door lights and project the Tesla logo onto the ground when you open the car door. The installation process is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is pop off the original light, plug in the connector and attach the new light.

These lights are ultra-bright, and the logo shows up well. They are a surefire way to make a statement, making them one of the best gifts for a Model 3 owner, car lover or onlooker. Everyone will appreciate how they spruce up the car.

Steering Wheel Decoration Covers

Spruce up your Model 3 steering wheel with these decorative covers. Let’s face it: the standard Model 3 steering wheel can look a bit bland. These carbon fibre covers will give it a much-deserved, sleek, and polished appearance, and it will also hide any existing wear and tear. These easy-to-install covers make great gifts for Model 3 owners.

These covers are easy to install and remove. They have a sticky back, so all you have to do is stick them onto the steering wheel. They are designed to perfectly fit the Model 3’s steering wheel without any gaps or seams.

Centre Console Organiser

Reduce clutter with this centre console organizer. The Model 3’s original front console is so deep that small items are hard to reach. This console organizer is the perfect size to hold sunglasses, spare change and anything else that you want to have on hand.

The tray fits perfectly in the Model 3’s centre console and is designed to match the car’s interior. The tray is soft to the touch, meaning that it will protect your sunglasses and keep them free of scratches. This little centre console organizer will make any Model 3 owner’s life much easier, making it one of the simplest and best accessories Model 3 owners will love.


With the right accessories, you can add a personal flair to your Model 3 and make it even more functional. Whether you’re a new Tesla owner or you’ve had your vehicle for a while, there are plenty of accessories that you can use to spruce up your Model 3.

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