Tesla Battery
Health Check

Discover the battery health of a used Tesla in Melbourne before you purchase.

  • A Tesla battery health check is a vital indicator of the vehicle’s overall condition and how it will perform in the long run.
  • Ensuring the battery is in good health can save you from future headaches and unexpected costs.
  • Every vehicle is different; varying factors, such as heat, age, and charging habits, can affect a battery.
  • A battery with lower degradation (better health) will provide more km of driving range per charge, while a battery with high degradation (lower health) will have a lower driving range.
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What does a battery health check report provide?

  • Total kWh charged
    The amount of kWh the pack has received in charge

  • Capacity when new
    The capacity in kWh when the vehicle was new.

  • Current capacity
    The current maximum capacity that can be charged.

  • Degradation
    How much has the battery degraded since new.

  • Cell imbalance
    The difference between each individual cell in the pack. The lower the imbalance, the healthier the pack.

  • Low voltage battery charge voltage
    This is the 12v or 15.5v battery that powers all the vehicle accessories. 

  • Charge cycles
    The number of full cycles the pack has completed.

  • AC/DC charge proportion
    The proportion of fast charging vs. AS (slow) charging.

  • Max range when new
    The range displayed when the vehicle was new.

  • Current max range
    The current max range of the vehicle.

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What areas do you currently conduct battery health checks in?

We currently provide Tesla battery health checks for all of Victoria.

What is a battery health check, and why is it important?

Every Tesla is different, how an owner uses and charges the vehicle may impact the heath of a battery and a poor battery health may result in reduced range. A health check identifies whether the battery is good for its age and km travelled.

How long does a battery health check typically take?

A battery health check usually takes around 1 hour to complete.

What information will I receive after the battery health check?

Once we complete the check, you will receive a battery health report, which will provide all the parameters required to identify the true heath of the battery.

What if the battery health check indicates a problem with my battery?

If we identify issues with a battery, you can use this report to negotiate a better price for the vehicle, or if it falls within Tesla’s battery replacement warranty, we will guide you in the process of a battery replacement if you choose to purchase the vehicle.

Can you inspect used vehicles that are listed on the Tesla.com website?

Unfortunately, we cannot inspect used vehicles that Tesla has listed on their website. Our service is for private or dealer vehicles only.

What is battery degradation, and why does it happen?

Battery degradation is the gradual loss of capacity over time. It occurs due to chemical processes within the battery and is influenced by temperature, charge/discharge cycles, and time.

Can extreme temperatures affect EV battery health?

Yes, both extreme cold and hot temperatures can impact battery performance and longevity. Extreme cold reduces range, while extreme heat can accelerate degradation.

Is it better to charge an EV to 100% or keep it between certain charge levels?

For long-term battery health, it’s often recommended to avoid frequent 100% charges and instead keep the battery between 20-80% charge for daily use. Charging to 100% occasionally for longer trips is usually fine.

Should I let an EV battery fully discharge before recharging?

No, it’s generally not necessary to fully discharge an EV battery. Lithium-ion batteries used in EVs prefer partial charge cycles.

How can I maximise an EV battery's lifespan?

To maximise battery life, avoid keeping the battery at a high state of charge during extreme temperatures.

Is it true that regenerative braking can extend battery life?

Regenerative braking can reduce wear on the brake pads and improve efficiency, but its direct impact on battery life is relatively small.