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Forget about trickle charging. Get a dedicated level 2 charger installed at your home in Melbourne and enjoy the convenience of charging at up to 70 km/h.*

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Melbourne’s EV Charger Specialists

We help you select the right EV charger and then take care of the entire installation process.

Services We Provide

System Design

Your system is designed according to your specific requirements, such as vehicles, electrical load, charger position, etc.

EV Charger Installation

We install all types of residential EV chargers, whether a Tesla Wall Connector (HPWC) or one of the many available brands on the market.

Electrical Upgrades

Whether you need a new switchboard or an upgrade to your supply from the street, we take the pain out of any upgrades.

3 Phase Upgrades

Upgrading to 3-Phase will provide you with the highest speed EV home charging has to offer. We take care of the entire upgrade process, from your utility provider to your new meter and switchboard; we make the 3-phase upgrade process pain-free.

Complex Installations

Not all installations may be straightforward, from trenching to installing footings for pedestals or securing your charger from others; we specialise in non-standard installations.

Wi-Fi Upgrades

With EVs and chargers requiring a strong wifi signal to either communicate or update software, our Wi-Fi upgrade service will ensure your car and charger get maximum wifi speed at every corner of your driveway, carport or garage.

What our customers say about us.

“Everything was handled efficiently and professionally, from the initial consultation to the final plug-in. No mess, no fuss; I am very happy with my new charger and ready to keep my Tesla charged up. Highly recommend!”

Emma from Doncaster

EV Mojo walked us through every step, from choosing the right charger for our cars to installing it discreetly in our driveway. Now, our weekend adventures are limitless.”

Garry from Elwood

“Very happy with our new charger; EV Mojo showed up on time and did a fantastic job upgrading our switchboard and installing the charger; very professional service, recommended.”

Ming from Balwyn

What are the benefits of a dedicated EV charger at home?

  • Wall chargers output more power and will charge your battery quicker than a portable charger.
  • Wall chargers are more durable than portable chargers.
  • Hardwired EV chargers are safer as the electrical feed is sealed and can not easily come undone.
  • The electrical circuit on a dedicated EV charger is designed to run high loads for long periods, unlike a conventional wall outlet.
  • A mounted EV charger is more secure than a portable charger, reducing any chance of theft or damage.


Faster than a wall outlet*


of charge added per hour*

Why choose EV Mojo to install your home EV charger

  • Extensive experience in EVs and charging.
  • Local Melbourne-based business.
  • We offer end-to-end service and take care of everything for you.
  • Quality and satisfaction guarantee.


The cost of installing an Electric Vehicle (EV) home charger varies based on factors like distance from the switchboard and installation complexity. A standard Level 2 charger typically ranges from $750 to $1,200, with standard installation costs running between $800 – $1500

The cost of installing a 3-phase to your home can vary widely based on factors such as the location, existing infrastructure, and power requirements. On average, the installation of a 3-phase power supply ranges from $3k to $10k or more. This includes expenses for materials, labour, and any necessary upgrades to the electrical panel or wiring.

Absolutely, we can install a charger you already have; you can purchase one, or we can supply and install. There are, however, a couple of benefits in buying the charger through us, such as better warranty coverage.

There isn’t a singular “best” EV home charger, as each has strengths and weaknesses. However, notable market leaders such as Tesla, Fronius, Wallbox, and Zappi consistently produce high-quality products.

Tesla’s Wall Connector integrates seamlessly with Tesla vehicles, Fronius offers versatile and reliable chargers, MyEnergi’s Zappi prioritises energy optimization, and Wallbox emphasizes user-friendly design and connectivity.

Your choice will depend on what your priorities are. Part of our service is recommending the correct charger for your lifestyle and needs.

There is little difference between the Tesla Gen 2 and Tesla Gen 3 wall connectors regarding charging speed or reliability. Most of the differences are in the form and functionality of the charger.

The physical differences between the Gen 3 charger are

  • The Gen 3 has a thinner, lighter-weight cable, making it easier to maneuver.
  • The Tesla Gen 3 charger has a slightly smaller form factor and a glass cover that can be customised.
  • The Gen 3 charger has integrated WiFI.

The benefits of the Tesla Gen 3 charger are;

  • With the Gen 3 charger, you can view the current and historical charging sessions in the Tesla app.
  • Within the settings, you can allow or block vehicles using the charger.
  • You can specify peak and off-peak times within the charger, effectively reducing your charging costs.

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* The projected charging speeds are calculated using a Tesla wall connector equipped with a 3-phase power supply in conjunction with a Tesla Model 3 RWD or Model Y RWD.